Eco Design All in One

Dear Friends in Singapore and Southeast Asia,

I am delighted to announce that is officially coming online in 2016.

Diacrete products have been warmly received in the beautiful Garden City of Singapore ever since we entered the market in 2010. We are truly grateful for the interest you have shown, and feel especially appreciative to our local Singaporean partners, who have worked closely with us to make all of this possible. Singapore is setting the benchmark for green cities around the globe. From a “Garden City” to “A City in the Garden,” the efforts and contributions it has made to ecological and environmental preservation are admirable. An outstanding eco product complements an eco design. We believe that, Diacrete, from eco design all in one concept, will offer very fresh and different ideas and inspirations to our clients who keen on green and eco design.

2015 is Diacrete’s 50th anniversary, by a happy coincidence, this year is also Singapore’s 50th birthday. We hope to introduce our brand, with its 50-year history of making green building materials, to more parts of Asia via both the Internet and solid channels. Through fusion with South East Asia varied cultures, we will look forward to more innovations and creations happening in Diacrete.

Since the 1960s, the spirit of “Less Is More” has been central to Diacrete’s manufacturing processes and products, and we have chosen to express our faith in “Eco Design All in One” through taking actions that are sustainable and ecologically friendly. I sincerely hope that Diacrete and can present how flexible and widely wood wool cement board be applied and make a great contribution to your lovely green works.

With my warmest greetings,

Shirley Chen
Managing Director of South East Asia
Taiwan Diacrete wwcb Group

Shirley Chen, MD South East Asia