Acoustic Ceiling – Baffles

Diacrete acoustic baffle systems including of wood wool panels and exclusive hanger system give a new definition of ceiling by its standing arrangement and colorful appearance. Besides the special impression it shows, extraordinary sound absorption is one of the advantages it provides. It can be applied for auditorium, gymnasium, museum, and any suitable and bigger space. It is possible even in outdoor applications. Feeling numb with normal flat ceiling? Diacrete acoustic baffles make a fresh look for spaces!

Single Baffles
Suspension Type Single Baffles Double Baffles
Total Thickness 20mm 50mm (including core gap)
Panel Fire Test BS 476 Part 6, Part 7
Sound Absorption NRC > 0.5 NRC > 0.65
Safety Test Non TVOC, Non Formaldehyde, Non Asbestos and Non Toxic
Nominal Size 300 x 1820 mm
450 x 1820 mm
600 x 1820 mm
(Customer formats only on request)
Securing Accessories According to manufacturer design
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Double Baffles